Oral Conscious Sedation – DuPont, WA

Relax at Last with Oral Conscious Sedation

At DuPont Family Dentistry, we make every effort to help our valued patients feel warmly welcomed and right at home whenever they visit. Please contact our practice today if you would like to learn more about oral conscious sedation.

Why Choose DuPont Family Dentistry for Oral Conscious Sedation?

  • Available for Adults and Children
  • Team That Treats You Like Family
  • Early and Late Appointments

How Does Oral Conscious Sedation Work?

Once we have determined that oral conscious sedation is the right choice for your personal needs, our doctors will provide you with a prescription for medication and instructions on when to take the medication before your treatment. Once the sedative takes hold, patients should feel relaxed while still remaining alert enough to hear our requests and questions. It is important to remember that patients undergoing oral conscious sedation will need an escort to drive them both to and from our DuPont practice.