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We are passionate about great dentistry & service.

Our team of Cigna dentists in your area allows us to deliver patient comfort, quality of service, excellence in health and beautiful, happy smiles. We welcome patients starting at 6 months of age, and we have even seen several patients after their 100th birthday. At DuPont Family Dentistry, your family becomes a member of ours. So, whether you’re interested in dental implants or need emergency dentistry , we look  forward to serving you!

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Our dental office near Lakewood is a member of several top organizations in dental continuing education. Our mission is to better serve the public by empowering ourselves to become lifelong learners and consistently stay current with the ever-evolving field of dentistry. We take pride in utilizing the latest proven techniques, tools, materials, and technologies to ensure your comfort and provide quality, long-lasting care – from routine preventive care to smile-transforming cosmetic dentistry .

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Unlike more traditional treatments, implants are designed to recreate your entire tooth from the bottom, including the root that’s hidden beneath the gum line. Learn About Dental Implants

While our team will always strive to protect natural teeth, sometimes removal is the best option for one’s health and wellbeing. We make this process simple and stress-free. Learn About Extractions

Gentle root canal therapy can help alleviate dental discomfort, get rid of infection, and put patients’ smiles back on the right track here in DuPont. Discover Restorative Options

Dental discoloration, cracks, chips, gaps, and many more can be cared for with the right smile makeover plan. Call us today to schedule a consultation! Learn About Cosmetic Dentistry

Your family is a part of ours! When dental emergencies happen, our goal is to welcome you into our DuPont location and take care of you right away. Need Help? Call Us Today!

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Looking for a BlueCross BlueShield dentist near you ? Looking for effective sleep apnea treatment so you can sleep soundly again? We’re here to help! We’re conveniently located at 975 Ross Ave #100 in DuPont, WA, not far from I-5. Close by, you’ll find Ross Plaza Park as well as several familiar eateries. Locating us should be a breeze, but you can always give our team a call if you have any trouble along the way!