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Yes or No: Can a Tooth Extraction Treat Advanced Gum Disease?

March 26, 2022

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woman with gum disease

Living with advanced gum disease in DuPont can be devastating to your oral and overall health. When considering your options, you might assume it is best to just have the tooth extracted, which will treat the problem, right? In this article, we will discuss the ways gum disease works and how it extends beyond your pearly whites. We’ll also explain why removing the problematic tooth will not suddenly cause your inflammation and infection to go away.


How Much Will a Root Canal Cost?

March 6, 2022

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A digital image of the inside of a tooth and its roots

When learning you need a root canal, one of the first things that may come to mind is how much it will cost. It is natural to consider the financial obligation that is required of any dental treatment, but the reality is that it can vary from patient to patient. And the important component to remember is that this type of procedure is often necessary and should not be put off because of its expense. A dentist is here to explain the various factors that come into play when determining the cost of a root canal in DuPont.


Will Sedation Dentistry Be Covered By My Dental Insurance?

February 9, 2022

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patient receiving sedation

You learn you need a root canal or tooth extraction, and your dentist suggests sedation dentistry in DuPont to help calm your nerves. You agree it will be helpful but begin to wonder how much it will cost and if your dental insurance will cover it. Before agreeing to move forward with your upcoming procedure, find out if your plan includes this beneficial service and learn about other ways to pay for sedation, so you can remain anxiety-free during your appointment.


What Causes Teeth to Shift?

December 7, 2021

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shifting teeth

It is no secret that as you grow older, your hair, skin, facial features, and body weight tend to change. But what should always remain the same is the placement and positioning of your teeth. Should you notice your teeth are shifting out of alignment, you will need to seek the help of a professional as soon as possible. Why? Because it is not normal! Read on to discover what can cause your pearly whites to move and the type of treatments you can pursue to improve your oral health and aesthetics.


Why Am I Feeling Sensitivity When Wearing Dental Implants?

August 21, 2021

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dentist discussing dental implant sensitivity

Dental implants mimic your natural tooth structure, right? They have no nerves and cannot decay. They are an artificial representation that allows for improved functionality and a complete appearance. So, how is it possible that you are experiencing sensitivity in your dental implant? This is a question many patients ask that often leaves them feel perplexed and concerned. Before you start jumping to conclusions and bracing for the worst-case scenario, a dentist is here to explain what can cause such a sensation and why it is important to seek professional help as soon as you notice a problem.


Which Signs Point to Dental Implant Failure?

August 7, 2021

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A digital image of a failed dental implant and the nerve breaking

Recently received dental implants but are worried because something just does not feel right? While it is true that these permanent prosthetics have a high success rate that averages about 98%, there are instances when dental implant failure can occur. If you want to ensure the longevity of your new smile, a local dentist shares which signs to watch for that indicate a serious problem as well as what you can do to minimize your risk from the start.


Which Symptoms Can Lead to a Necessary Root Canal?

May 9, 2021

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A digital image of the inside of a tooth and its roots

Tooth pain is one of the most common symptoms a person can experience. Because it is associated with all types of injuries, infections, and other similar problems, it is often not the only sign that will alert a professional that something is wrong. In fact, severe discomfort may not even be an issue when your dentist informs you that you need a root canal. If this information catches you off guard because you assumed the pain would be a clear indicator, it is time to review the other common symptoms that can lead to this necessary procedure.


Is It Possible to Save Money in the Long Run with Dental Implants?

February 4, 2021

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an up-close view of a dentist holding the crown that belongs on top of a dental implant situated in the lower arch

Replacing missing teeth requires an investment in your time and money. Although there are many possible options that will restore the look of your smile, you must consider the overall picture that comes with any type of tooth replacement. From the initial consultation to the continued maintenance, it is imperative that you choose wisely when moving forward with treatment. While the upfront dental implant cost in DuPont may appear steep, you are advised to read on and learn why they are actually much more cost-effective in the long run.


How to Handle a Knocked-Out Tooth

January 19, 2021

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an older man wearing a blue shirt and revealing a missing tooth

A knocked-out tooth is nothing to scoff at, especially if you want to try and save your smile and avoid the added cost of replacing it. Because time is of the essence, it is imperative that you follow the appropriate steps to give your dentist the best chance of replanting your tooth. An emergency dentist in DuPont explains what to do if you face this type of situation and what you can expect when seeking help.


Should I See a Dentist if My Toothache Suddenly Goes Away?

January 9, 2021

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a middle-aged woman wearing a yellow blouse and smiling after enduring a toothache

A toothache in DuPont can be a difficult thing to manage. Even with an over-the-counter pain reliever and a cold compress, the pain can be too much. But what if it suddenly goes away on its own? Does this mean you can skip the emergency dental visit? Before you decide to pick up the phone and cancel your appointment, read on to learn why it is best to let the professionals examine your problem tooth before your oral health potentially worsens.

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