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DuPont Family Dentistry Blog

Drinking Alcoholic Beverages Increases Disease-Causing Mouth Bacteria, DuPont

April 24, 2019

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Drinking and driving do not mix, and consuming too much alcohol can damage your liver. As if these were not bad enough, there is now further research to support the risks associated with hitting the bottle too often. Drinking alcoholic beverages increases disease-causing mouth bacteria, DuPont. 


Sleep Apnea Therapy in DuPont May Help You Avoid Dementia

March 24, 2019

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Anti-aging is certainly a buzzword these days. There are anti-aging creams and lotions, anti-aging supplements and anti-aging diets. But if you really want to hold back the effects of aging on your mind then get a good night’s sleep. Of course, that can be a challenge for a number of reasons, one of which could be sleep apnea, a medical condition that interrupts breathing during the night. Fortunately, sleep apnea therapy in DuPont can help you and your bed partner sleep through the night, so you can maintain brain health.


Could Your Thyroid Be to Blame for Sleep Apnea in DuPont?

March 12, 2019

man snoring next to unhappy woman

Hormones control the rhythms of the human body. Have you heard of a circadian rhythm? This refers to your wake and sleep cycle. No wonder then that your thyroid gland, which produces thyroid hormones, can be linked to sleep issues. In fact, your thyroid could be to blame for sleep apnea in DuPont. Read on to learn about thyroid dysfunctions and sleep problems. 


How Is Your Health? Look at Your Tongue, Says DuPont Dentist

February 24, 2019

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Would you like to know more about what is going on with your overall health? You may only need to stick out your tongue and look in a mirror to find out. If your tongue is healthy, it will be pink and covered with papillae, small nodules that contain taste buds. Does your tongue look different? Is it painful? These may be indicators of another health concern. Read on for an explanation from a DuPont dentist. 


The Dangers of Sleep Apnea in DuPont

February 14, 2019

Filed under: Dental Hygiene — Tags: — tntadmin @ 8:00 pm

We all snore every once in a while. Snoring can happen when you have a cold or when you lie on your back. However, if snoring occurs nightly and is because of obstructive sleep apnea, then the problem could be more serious. Improper breathing is only one of the dangers of sleep apnea in DuPont. This is a medical condition that increases your risk for other health issues. Read on to learn what could happen if you do not treat sleep apnea. 


Gum Disease in DuPont Could Lead to Serious Health Problems

January 24, 2019

Filed under: Dental Hygiene — tntadmin @ 3:48 am

Red and tender gums can be more than just annoying. They could be signs that gum disease is starting in your mouth. If this bacterial infection stayed in that one specific area of the obdy, then that would be trouble enough. However, research shows that gum disease is linked to a number of bodily health concerns including heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Therefore, gum disease in DuPont needs immediate treatment for the sake of your oral and general health.


What is Worse Than a Toothache in DuPont? A Toothache on a Plane!

January 14, 2019

Filed under: Dental Hygiene — tntadmin @ 3:26 am
man with tooth ache

Your bags are checked, you made it through security, and now you are settled in an aisle seat relaxing and just waiting for take-off. Your mind drifts to a white sand beach as the plane ascends, but then a stabbing pain in your tooth interrupts your happy thought. What in the world could be causing that? As if a toothache in DuPont were not bad enough, you have one on a plane. Read on to learn why this happens and what can be done to prevent the occurrence. 


New Year, New You in DuPont!

December 13, 2018

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Do you want to have a very happy 2019? Then make a resolution for a New Year, new you in DuPont. Sure, you could resolve to watch what you eat and spend more time at the gym, which are both important goals. But for real impact, you should work on making 2019 the year of your healthiest and most beautiful smile. Your dentist in DuPont is waiting to help with a variety of services. Read on to learn more about what you can do to take care of and enhance your teeth.


Is the Cost of Dental Implants in DuPont Worth It?

December 8, 2018

Filed under: Dental Hygiene — tntadmin @ 9:41 pm
implanted post in smile

Taking care of yourself sometimes necessitates spending money, so knowing whether or not you are getting a good return on your investment is important. If you have missing teeth, then dental implants are well worth the money. Dental implants in DuPont not only replace your missing teeth, they also help you avoid a number of other oral and even general health problems. Therefore, implants are worth every penny!


How Dental Implants in DuPont Stop the Effects of Tooth Loss

November 13, 2018

Filed under: Dental Hygiene — tntadmin @ 11:31 pm
x-ray of dental implant

If you have been dealing with tooth loss, then you must realize that the consequences are more than what meets the eye. You may think that one or two missing teeth are not so bad. In truth, however, the risks to your oral and general health increase with each passing day. Fortunately, dental implants in DuPont can restore your smile and prevent other problems, too. Read on to learn more about the consequences of tooth loss and why dental implants are ideal for replacement.

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